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Nowadays it has become a norm that every household’s day to day operations revolve around electrical appliances. However electrical appliances do have their own shortcomings and there comes a need to get in touch with appliance repair service companies. The following are some of the frequently asked questions for appliance repair service companies.

Q: Which appliances can be serviced?

A: Our qualified appliance repair technicians repair the following household appliances: Freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dishwashers, dryers, conventional ovens, ranges trash compactors and air conditioners.

Q: What action should I take when my appliance breaks down?

A: Once you suspect your appliance is not functioning properly make sure to unplug it from the electrical source without wasting any time. So safety reasons you may turn off the main power circuit. If the appliance has a water leakage, only wipe out the water after turning off the appliance. In the case of refrigerators in order to make sure your food is not spoilt, call an appliance repair technician immediately.

Q: How can I ascertain that the service being provided is top quality?

A: Electronic appliance repair dealers are governed by laws that prevent incidences of repair technicians from falsely advertising services, committing fraudulent acts, deviating from set trade standards and showing neglect in their repairs. A good move is to investigate a company by looking at reviews, review licensing info and requesting references.

Q: How can I check if a company has been registered properly?

A: As a law all appliance repair companies are required to be registered by BEAR. Dealers are required to produce proof of registration on request. Registration is renewable annually. As long as a dealer is not registered BEAR will be able to determine it.

Q: When should I get my appliances repaired or services?

A: You can get your appliance serviced the moment you detect a malfunction. There is no need to wait for your appliances to break down before you can call someone to repair them, you can call a technician to fine tune all your appliances even if you think they are working well. Maintenance work on appliances will help you save lots of money through avoiding break downs which are often expensive in the long run.

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