Welcome to Accord Appliance, where since our inception, we've committed ourselves to elevating the standard of home appliance repair and maintenance. Our experienced team, skilled in handling a broad range of appliances from the latest refrigerators to the classic dryers, ensures your home runs seamlessly. With a focus on longevity, efficiency, and the highest levels of service, we merge traditional values with modern expertise. Trust Accord Appliances to bring precision, care, and a lasting touch to every repair, honoring our legacy of customer satisfaction and technical excellence.

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Washer & Dryer

Upgrading rubber hose to stainless steel, Cleaning the pump, Lubricating the motor, Removal of buildup of lint, Lubrication of motor, Replacement of vent line, etc.


Cleaning the pump screen, Cleaning the spray arms, Replacing water valve screens, etc.

a laundry room with a washer and dryer
a laundry room with a washer and dryer

Cleaning of the Condenser, Drain line, and Drip pan, manually defrosting ice build ups, replacing air damper seals, adjustments to door gaskets, etc.

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“The technician contacted me ahead of time with an ETA. On the second visit, the technician let me know I was next. He came early, did the job, then left. Excellent, no hassle service. Thank you!”

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